5 reasons why you should register a ccTLD (country code TLD)

1. Local SEO Benefits

Registering a ccTLD for your website allows you to target traffic from specific areas of the world. Let’s say you own a bakery in Kenya or are expanding your business there, you may want to register a .co.ke domain name to ensure that your company is showing up in the search results of those living in Kenya.

2. Instill Buyer Confidence

ccTLDs are preferred to .com domains in many countries because many people prefer to complete transactions and visit sites in their own native language, currency, and region. ccTLDs allow customers to easily identify websites local to their region when shopping online so that they can click local and buy local.

3. Greater Availability

Traditional and public domains like .com domain make up more than half of all domain extensions on the Internet combined. This means you’ll have a greater chance of securing your name in a ccTLD.

4. Shorter Names

ccTLDs are always made up of a two-letter code that is assigned to every country. Because every country has the right to determine its own guidelines for assigning domain names, some ccTLDs do not require higher prices for short, high-value domain names.

5. Get Creative

Some companies have been creating domain hacks to build a strong brand around their domain name. This is when you use a ccTLD domain ending to form words and phrases. For example, the domain hack food.ie uses the Ireland ccTLD, redd.it uses the Italian ccTLD, and subscri.be uses the Belgium ccTLD to forward to mailchimp.com.

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