What is the future of WordPress?

By Nikoletta Triantafyllopoulou, Digital & Social Media Manager, Linguist

There are many changes that are coming to WordPress.

  • The WordPress Gutenberg Editor

2018 is all about the Gutenberg Editor-with its upcoming official release and all the fascinating (yet scary at times) changes stirring up many emotions. The release of the Gutenberg Editor with the WordPress 5.0 update will constitute a massive change in the way users go about altering and creating their websites.

Catching up with what was only delivered by website page builders and following suit, WordPress made a massive decision to shift the way editing, designing and developing a page works.

With WordPress Gutenberg everything you bring into a page is a block. And you can even create a custom block. The whole experience changes as the menus for instance, appear intuitively while you are working on a relevant block. Allowing you to work without distractions and also to dynamically improve your experience as a user.

You can change the content of the blocks and then rearrange them as you wish, altering thus, your website’s layout smoothly. Drag and drop the blocks around the page and Feel free to rearrange them creatively!

To sum up: No one can really predict the massive impact and the potential of the new Editor but I do believe that it will be not only fascinating to see how it will evolve but also to experience all the new possibilities being unveiled.

Once the release is out and for the months following, the WordPress Ecosystem will be taken over by the Gutenberg Editor and the buzz around it.

The changes and the possibilities, the creative ways to leverage the capacities of the new Editor will be in the minds of the WordPress users for a long time.

For more information about some useful tutorials, tools and examples related to the Gutenberg Editor you can read: WordPress Gutenberg — Everything you need to get started.

  • Reactjs

The Open Source JavaScript Library used for creating UIs will increase its popularity. Adding to this is the release of The Gutenberg Editor as developing will require strong knowledge of Reactjs.

  • The Tide

With the number of active plugins and themes available in the WordPress Ecosystem continuously growing, there came the need for those to be tested and categorised. Thus, along came the Tide.

A directory with important information extracted from a series of automated tests run on all plugins and themes. Its primary aim is to provide the developers and all the WordPress users with the knowledge with which they can make more informed decisions concerning the plugins and themes they wish to use.

This process will undoubtedly be a long one but the benefits will be numerous and extensive. This project will in fact improve not only the code used by the WordPress Community but it will contribute to a better Web too.

Find out more about the Tide, Tide: A path to better code across the WordPress ecosystem ~ XWP.

For more information on what to expect fro WordPress in 2018 check out, Two Camps, One Word.

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